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#Bankexit: This is how you can fight the pipelines and save the world

#Bankexit: This is how you can fight the pipelines and save the world

by Emily Bell

A year ago

"Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want."

-Anne Lappe


The environmental activists and tribe members that have defended Standing Rock are American heroes. Through harsh environments and abuse from law enforcement, they have stood up in hopes to stop the construction of a pipeline. While the protests did receive some media attention, it is not enough - we must continue to fight these atrocities with our everyday decisions. With every dollar we spend, we're telling companies whether or not we will tolerate their bullshit. The grim reality is that we are constantly voting for an unjust and polluted world and we don't even realize it.

It is time for us to stop supporting the financial institutions that are fueling, not only, these pipelines, but oil interests in general, as well as other nefarious activities. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to protest your distain is to #bankexit.

What is that you ask? The idea behind #bankexit is simple. If our big banks do not have our best interest at heart (and believe us they don't), then how for the love of god can we sleep at night knowing that they are using our money to perpetuate the social and environmental decay that's becoming more stark day by day. It's simple really. Switching your bank is one of the easiest and most effective ways to take a stand against this corporate BS. This is how we fight for real change. You don't have to wait for election day. Vote everyday! 

Why Should You Care?

In an attempt to reduce carbon emissions, environmental groups have now shifted their focus to the financial institutions that have been financing the industry of fossil fuels. Several groups all over the world have criticized the construction of the Dakota Access (Bakken) Pipeline since it threatens the fresh water source that is supplying millions of individuals living downstream. Originally, this pipeline was intended to cross the Mississippi River. Since there is a possibility of a pipeline break that can poison the water source of the entire city, the pipeline was re-routed. Regardless of where a pipeline is located, it will pose a threat. Yet, we are bombarded with propaganda bullshit like this. F**k you very much to the Trump administration for this golden nugget. The truth is that pipelines are not safe, not a long-term solution to any of our problems, and destroy ecosystems.

The construction of the DAPL will only add to our greenhouse gas problem as it is projected to pump 570,000 barrels of oil on a daily basis. The entire process will emit 101,400,000 metric tons of carbon per year which is equivalent to 21.4 million cars. Our bestie, Bernie Sanders, says that we should refrain from building pipelines if we want to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.

So what do I do?

First things first. Check this list to see if your bank is one of the evil doers. Unfortunately, almost all large banks are part of the problem, but most local credit unions are member-owned, meaning you are a stakeholder and your interests matter! There is also a great online banking app called - Aspiration - and we just cannot say enough good things about it. We are in no way affiliated with them, they just really rock our socks. Check 'em out here!  

Remember that everyday purchases are a vote for the kind of world you want. Are you going to stand your ground for a fair and just world? Or will you let your values crumble under the brief conveniences of our modern world?




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